Tanaya Ghosh - Tanaya's TableAbout Tanaya

Tanaya is an avid lover of all things food and adventure. Once a shy girl and a picky eater growing up, she quickly learned that there’s much more to experience in this world, if you’re just fearless enough to embrace it! Tanaya learned through personal experience that there is so much to explore in this world, both locally and internationally– via tastebuds and beyond! 
Tanaya’s passion lies not just with food and travel, but in sharing that passion with others by making meaningful connections and discoveries over food and exploration. By nudging her readers out of their comfort zones, Tanaya hopes to help them create their own happiness and enrich their lives with meaningful experiences. Why wait another day (or year, or decade) before stepping outside your bubble into endless possibilities?
Food is just the gateway to a myriad of inspiration waiting out there… for those who dare to let go of the confines of their minds and routines, and choose to embark on the adventurous path. Join Tanaya on her journey to bring this philosophy to life here at Tanaya’s Table!
Looking forward to connecting with you on…
Instagram: @tanayas.table
Twitter: @TanayasTable
YouTube: TanayasTable
Snapchat: MsTanayaG
Pinterest: TanayasTable

Her portfolio of experience can be found here.

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