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Tanaya’s work as editor at Neon Tommy can be found here. Neon Tommy is an award-winning L.A.-based digital news site produced by Annenberg Digital News, part of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Neon Tommy competes for awards with the L.A. Times and is widely read across Los Angeles, Southern California, the U.S. and even around the world.

In addition to writing over 100 articles on Neon Tommy and beyond, Tanaya has covered a wide range of topics from food, wellness, sports, arts, music, artist and chef interviews and local events. She has also led the Food and Health sections for multiple years while taking a hands-on approach to mentoring her fellow writers.

Tanaya’s Page

Tanaya’s Table Radio Show on Annenberg Radio News – the origin of the name, “Tanaya’s Table”

Public Relations Master’s Student Spotlight: Tanaya’s Summer Abroad in Hong Kong

Articles by Tanaya in The Daily Trojan Newspaper

Fitness Website Guest Blog Post

More to be added shortly!

Tanaya has garnered years of experience in public relations, doing varied consulting projects and working at large and small agencies in California, as well as a summer working abroad in Hong Kong. From strategic social media planning for major brands, to traditional media relations, Tanaya has worked on PR, branding and digital media for events as well as clients in the consumer, nonprofit, lifestyle, food, luxury, healthcare and tech startup industries.

She also has blogging, travel writing, mentoring and copywriting experience in addition to food, arts, music and event coverage while serving as a food, wellness and arts editor. Her passions include food, travel, writing, advocating clients and causes she believes in, and sharing her enthusiasm with others. If you are interested in working with Tanaya, please feel free to contact her below.


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