VIDEO: The Ramnut + Other Unique Bites At 626 Night Market

626 Tanayas Table Foodbeast Ramnut

Behold… the Ramnut.

If you call yourself a foodie, hopefully you’re willing to try new tastes, flavors, ingredients and textures. For example, would you be willing to try a ramen donut?

Before you ponder this, check out what a Ramnut really is in my latest episode below, along with Spanimal Fries and Disco Soda, all exclusive offerings from Foodbeast at this month’s 626 Night Market.

The Ramnut was originally conjured up by Culinary Bro-Down, and Foodbeast brought it to life exclusively for the 626 Night Market. By the way, shout out to my foodie friend Jay, the 626 Night Market foodie expert!

626 Tanayas Table Foodbeast Spanimal Fries

Spanimal Fries. You know you want ’em!

Let me just tell you, these treats are not for the faint of heart. I mean literally, if you have heart problems you proabably shouldn’t eat a whole order… but if you like practicing moderation, then these quirky indulgences are so worth trying!

If you’re a novelty food lover (like me!) in the LA area, you’ve got to check out the 626 Night Market to taste these unique creations.

As featured in the video, you can also get squid on a stick, ice cream that looks like a beach (or even a potted plant), refreshing hibiscus soda from Pop’d Up… and even Circus Animal macaron ice cream sandwiches. I featured Pop’d Up in last year’s 626 Night Market video, as well! Check it out here, along with shark tacos and more.

The ice cream sammie basically tastes like childhood!

Circus Animal Macaron Sandwich by Dolcissimo Bakeshop

Circus Animal Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich by Dolcissimo Bakeshop

You’ve got til the end of this long weekend to get your munch on… GO! 😉

626 Tanayas Table Popd Up

This Hibiscus Soda from Pop’d Up really hit the spot in the SoCal summer heat!

Check out for all the info. Admission is only $3, and it’s extra fun to go in a group and share a bunch of bites. Happy 4th! ❤


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