VIDEO: The SCOOP On Salt And Straw’s New Ice Cream, From Portland To L.A.

Copyright 2014 Tanaya Ghosh

The seasonal, locally sourced California Peaches with Lemon Crumble in a waffle cone.

When Salt & Straw just recently opened in L.A., like many other dessert enthusiasts I was curious to see what the hype was about. I mean, come on! We have so many great ice cream shops right here in L.A. like Coolhaus, for example. Since I hadn’t been to Portland since I was 7 years old (before the foodie movement really began), I’d been hoping to go back soon… but for now, I’m just excited that Salt & Straw has come to us here in L.A!

I finally was able to check the cute little ice cream shop out with my fellow foodie and friend Alanna, and we lucked out because the line only had us waiting about five minutes before we got a lick of that much buzzed-about ice cream. We were amazed at how rich, creamy and flavorful pretty much all the samples we had tasted! And they weren’t stingy with offering samples, either. A total plus! The storefront, located on Larchmont, has flavors like Cinnamon Apple Doughnuts, and even California Peaches with Lemon Crumble.

After tasting most of the seasonal flavors– had to since they rotate them each month!– I decided on the California Peaches. The sweet, gooey peaches and the tart crunchiness of the lemon crumble made it heavenly mixed into the cool, creamy ice cream base.

For those who prefer a more classic flavor or just don’t love fruit in their dessert, the Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough off their regular menu, as suggested to me by the S&S employee, was also amazingly delicious!

What I love about this place besides their quality of ice cream and friendly service, is that even though they’re from Portland, they’ve developed flavors just for their L.A. fans using locally sourced ingredients.

Although there are already a ton of great ice cream places in Los Angeles, I think each one brings something unique. And with ice cream-loving Angelenos and sunny weather almost year-round, there’s room for all of them right here in the lower half of the Golden State!

Copyright 2014 Tanaya Ghosh

Explore unique ice cream flavors exclusive to the California location and see what all the hype is about!

You can find more information on visiting the ice cream parlor over at Salt & Straw’s website. Stay cool, and hope you enjoy tasting all the great flavors as much as I did!


40 thoughts on “VIDEO: The SCOOP On Salt And Straw’s New Ice Cream, From Portland To L.A.

  1. I love hearing about local places like this! I want to try their Salted Malted Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. That sounds incredible!


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