VIDEO: Sweets, Food Stars + Demos At L.A. Cookie Con

Check out highlights from L.A. Cookie Con!

Highlights from L.A. Cookie Con are right here in this one-minute video, including a shoutout to you guys from MasterChef & Food Network stars!

This past Sunday, I was honored to cover the magnificent first annual L.A. Cookie Con as an official blogger. It was a sold-out convention for sweet lovers, featuring a ton of baked goods and other delectable treats. A dessert fanatic’s heaven!

The event, held at the Pasadena Convention Center, featured special guest Ron Ben-Israel of “Sweet Genius” on Food Network, along with “MasterChef” fan favorites Ahran Cho, Daniel McGuffey and Monti Carlo. The immensely talented child chefs also represented, with “MasterChef Junior” stars Dara Yu (better known as “Dara the Bow Girl”), Troy Glass and Sarah Lane taking part in the panel discussion involving all culinary TV personalities. Stacey Poon-Kinney of “The Next Food Network Star” also joined them, along with other talented stars.

Stacey, Monti, Ahran, Daniel, Sarah and more!

Stacey, Monti, Ahran, Daniel, Sarah and more were in attendance

There were tasty pastries of all kinds, from the good old traditional kind, to organic, raw, gluten-free, sugar-free, local and other types of specialty creations. There was something for everybody… and then some!

Some of my favorites (although really, there were way too many to list!) included the newly opened BakerCakemaker, as they were serving their buttery Filipino ensaymadas (they even looped my video feature on them throughout the entire day!). I also loved the unique and rare Baba Raspberry Jam crafted by Coldwater Canyon Provisions, and the perfectly chewy cookie bars that J & D Catering served.

LA Cookie Con Peacock Table

The peacock-themed entry into the dessert table design competition. My personal favorite!

It was wonderful to not only support my friend and L.A. Cookie Con producer Nancy, but also to see so many of my food blogger friends and a lot of my Tastemade family there at the event! We had fun exploring the demos, VIP lounge and photobooth!

Check out the one-minute video above for highlights, including a beautiful peacock dessert table display, photobooth shenanigans, and a hello to all of you from the talented food celebrities in attendance.

LA Cookie Con Macaron Garden

Stay tuned for Dine L.A. coverage of Prova Pizzeria coming soon. Go check it out while you can, there’s only a week left!


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Video Edition: Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches, Shark + Pho Tacos, Oh My!

Pho tacos and Thai tea boba with milky popsicle swirl-ins? These things actually exist, thanks to Rakken and Pop’d Up. Here’s a quick little video to give you a taste of these bites and more from last weekend’s 626 Night Market held at Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, CA.

With that, here’s my first-ever vlog episode, with more to come!

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Click to see the night market bites in action!

Other highlights included a craveworthy Hawaiian-inspired pineapple and bacon-wrapped “Terrier-ki” dog with wasabi mayo and a nori seaweed garnish from Tokyo Doggie Style, which was voted one of the top 6 food trucks in Los Angeles. I can see why, with not only their innovative Japanese fusion food truck creations, but also their stellar customer service!

626 NM Tokyo Doggie Style Hot Dog

Their buns are sourced straight from New England, and the care they put into crafting their food really shows. We also tried their “OG” fries, with kimchi, cheese, steak and caramelized onions. Sinfully delicious!

626 NM Tokyo Doggie Style Fries

We also had shark tacos from La Sriracha Macha, with legal shark meat from Australia. The shark meat actually tasted like a mild, firm fish, and the Mexican Sriracha sauce was a nice complement to the taco. The pho tacos from Rakken (as seen in the video) were also moist, savory, complex, and actually tasted like pho in taco form!

626 NM Pho Taco

Last but definitely not least, check out the Fruity Pebbles macaron ice cream sandwich from Dolcissimo Bakeshop! Vanilla ice cream and Fruity Pebbles-flecked giant macarons, rolled in some more of the sweet, colorful cereal for a crunch. It’s magical, unique and oh so delicious… like milk and cereal, in frozen, giant macaron form! It’s the stuff dreams are made of, people.

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There are two more 626 night markets coming up this summer, so stay tuned by visiting the 626 Night Market website! Additionally, Monterey Park is having its inaugural night market this Friday, July 25. Check out the MPK Night Market website for more information. So many night markets, so much delicious food and fun to be had!

Speaking of which, check out the unique bites and foodie highlights from last month’s DTLA Night Market right here. Until next time, let’s all just admire this glorious macaron…

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…just sayin’.